Best Sand in the Land

Best Sand in the Land – Richard Bangs

Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key cradle some of the most beautiful fine-grained beaches in the world, an eight-mile string of bone-white sand that might be called the anti-Miami Beach….no neon, high-rises or showboats here. The highest thing is a palm tree, with an osprey on top. From Whitney Beach cross the span to Anna Maria, and dig toes in the soft sugar at Coquina Beach. The sand seems to get even better, though, moving north, along Bradenton Beach, to Manatee Beach, Holmes, Anna Maria, and ending at the secluded and somewhat secret Bean Point at the very northern tip, named for George Bean, first permanent resident of Anna Maria Island. Castled in the kelp are jut-eyed little crabs, a world of inch-high devils. The wet sand here is so sumptuous it’s like Julia Child’s butter.

Bradenton Gulf Islands

Bradenton Gulf Islands the perfect place 
to relax and unwind

Boston Herald – Moira McCarthy Thursday, October 22, 2015

amiTo understand the spirit of Bradenton, Fla., and its coastal companions Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, one need only look to the ocean that edges the beach communities.

Sparkling blue, it pushes along a soft current that fills the air with the lush sound of the seaside. It’s pristine, too: Six of the beaches along its 18 miles of coast are “Blue Wave Certified.” And the shore that lines it? Breathtaking sugar-white beaches that stretch on and on. Continue reading

AMI Real Estate Report

Anna Maria Island Market Report 9/30/15

Anna Maria Island twelve-month sales 9/30/2015 are up 27 sales over the previous twelve month period – at an outstanding pace of 433 over 406 properties sold. The inventory is at the lowest level in the past decade which contributes to the lower sales volume. High demand & low supply continue to push up prices of single-family homes & condos. Pended properties are at seasonal highs – indicating continued sales growth.

Below are the current Island statistics:

  • Real estate sales – Sept ’15 @ 31 compared to Sept’14 @ 27
  • Last 12 month sales – 433 compared to 406  last year.
  • Sept. ‘15 Sales distribution – Single Family @ 14, Condo @ 13, Duplex @ 3 & Lots @ 1.
  • Pended sales – 24 compared to 32 last month with 14 S/F, 7 Condo, 2 Duplex & 1 Lots. 31 properties closed last month – meaning 24 more properties were put under contract during the past 30 days.
  • Inventory – 248 unsold with 121 S/F, 79 Condos, 23 Duplexes & 25 Lots. Inventory has been decreasing steadily at 248 coming down from a high of almost 1,000 in 2006.
  • Distressed Properties (short sales & bank owned) – Holding steady @ 23 with 11 S/F, 10 Condos, 2 Duplexes & 0 Lot. AMI distressed sales year to date represent less than 8% of the sold inventory.

The absolute best investments continue to be luxury condo-hotel apartments, located at Tortuga Inn Beach Resort & Tradewinds Resort in Bradenton Beach. These cash positive, rental apartments are not going to last at prices 50% below their 2004 sales prices.

If you’re planning on buying a property in the next year, now is the time to buy – while these great values are available. You will receive complete professionalism and knowledge for all your real estate transactions with the 16 year expertise of Liz Codola (Anna Maria Island Broker Associate and Realtor) & David Teitelbaum’s decades of real estate development, marketing & management experience.

David Teitelbaum & Liz Codola

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Summer Weddings Anna Maria Island Resorts

Recent weddings at Anna Maria Island Resorts. A beautiful beach, gorgeous gulf water, a fabulous pergola and 4 exceptional resorts. Our staff of hospitality and wedding experts are ready to help you create the most memorable day ever!

Sea Turtle Hatchling AMI



Turtle hatchling Sea Turtles on Anna Maria Island

Our newest rescued sea turtle hatchling!  If you find hatchlings, please contact or your local police department.

Five species of Sea Turtles swim and feed around Anna Maria Island. Our most common nester on our shoreline is the Loggerhead. AMI is seven miles long and located just south of Tampa Bay on the central West Coast of Florida. From May to October Sea Turtles, visiting summer guests and island Turtleami2residents share AMI and call this island home.

Sea turtles clearly play an important role in our marine ecosystems. Each sea turtle species uniquely affects the diversity, habitat and functionality of its environment. Weather by grazing on sea grass, controlling sponge distribution, feasting on jellyfish, transporting nutrients or supporting other marine life, sea turtles play vital roles in maintaining the health of the Gulf of Mexico and the shoreline of Anna Maria Island. Read more at…